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Horizon is a modern and flexible way that allows you to centrally manage all your telephony – both mobile and fixed – so you have a seamless, consistent experience on every call. Helping businesses with single or multi-sites and can include remote and field workers.

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Never miss a call

If your team works flexibly – on the road, from home or across multiple sites – they can now give a customer one number to reach them on fixed line or mobile. They divert calls with one click, remotely, and can pick up voicemail from anywhere. Horizon is especially useful for organisations who hot-desk.

Free calls between sites

Slash your phone bill by using Horizon to make free calls between multiple sites and your company mobiles. The system can support hundreds of employees.

Every contact counts

As well as your customers being able to reach the right person every time, Horizon enables you to play messages and forward call between offices. You cam even choose numbers with different local area codes, to tailor your communications to a particular client base. You can record and store inbound and outbound calls.

Total Flexibility

Manage Horizon through web-based technology. Choose the handsets and apps that suit your business.

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