At NBS Telecom we are committed to providing optimum telephone line packages best suited to the individual needs of our clients whilst also ensuring our rates remain competitive.

Available to both business and residential customers, NBS Telecom services include:

  • IP voice services?
  • Analogue lines and services?
  • ISDN2e lines and services?
  • ISDN30e lines and services?

Recognising customers requirement are very rarely the same, we offer a number of line rental options and a range of call packages to ensure the best suited tariff is selected in line with client’s requirements whilst also guaranteeing immediate and long term cost savings.

Whether you require a completely new line or are looking to transfer you existing service, our installation experts are able seamlessly install or transfer lines from all leading telecoms providers, thus minimizing if not eradicating any disruptions in service.


  • Cut your bill by up to 45% compared to BT
  • Full itemised bills
  • Stress free transfer
  • UK based 24/7 customer care.
  • Retain current number